Rigid and Flexible are the two major types of tactile membrane keypads on offer.

Both these types use the same underlying tactile technology, to give the user a feel of the button being pressed.

We can design and manufacturer all types of Membrane Keypads to your requirements and satisfaction.

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Our foot pedals are easy to use ergonomically designed that allow control and playback on any transcription software.

Our foot pedals are of Piano Type and Mushroom Type and are available for Serial Ports (9 pin), Game/Parallel Ports(15 pin) and USB Ports.

Our USB port Model is the newest introduction in the market and we hope to cater to a broader spectrum of customers. Drivers are provided with the foot pedal to enable hassle free installation and usage.

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Our Voice Splitters and Voice Amplifying Splitters are very helpful for transcriptionist who need support on the job and also for training purposes.

A 3 Way Voice Splitter and Voice Amplifying Splitter on offer outputs on stereo sockets for use simultaneously by multiple peopls

Voice Amplifying Splitter boosts audio signals with in built Volume Control. Simply plug this device into your PC/Laptop and route audio to three different Speakers/Headphones.

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LCD modules have become common and are used widely in all industry segments.

To cater to these ever demanding and growing markets, we supply a wide variety of LCD modules for various applications either commercial/industrial use.

We supply the entire line of LCD modules from the basic Single line alphanumeric types to TFT LCD modules. They are available in various sizes and backlight configurations such as CCFL and LED.

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Thinking of packing your valuable goods for transport and parcels, then EPE packaging is the ideal choice.

EPE packaging foam can be cut to any shape and size and can be used to make a mould type of covering all around the item. These EPE fabricated fitments can be used to pack valuable Electronic and Electrical items.

We offer EPE packing solutions to Electronics, Electrical, Telecom and Automobile industries.

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About us

GVS ElectronicsFactory_View was established in 1995 as an independent venture. Soon after its inception the company started manufacturing and supplying Membrane Keypads for the erstwhile Department of Telecom (DOT) now BSNL. Since then there has been no looking back and growth has been consistent and steady. Membrane Keypads are now offered to not only telecom sector but to electronic instrumentation and medical sectors as well.

We have a good product portfolio for the transcription industry, with offerings such as Foot Pedals, Voice Splitters and Amplifying Splitters. We also have UPS and Inverter Systems for Home, Office and Industrial use.


We manufacture all our products at our well equipped manufacturing plant. Our factory spans over 1000sft of floor area, well equipped with all tools, with UPS power backup and of course adhering to essential safety and streamlined quality practices.

With a humble beginning and hard work through out, we are proud to have grown many folds and have expanded our product line and reach.

Our aim is to provide quality products and prompt service to all our customers to their satisfaction. We hope to strive forward and take up all challenges to fulfill our aim and continue keep up to our customer expectations.

News and Updates

USB based Foot Pedal
Foot Pedal with USB Port

We are proud to launch our newest USB based Foot Pedal, keeping in tune with technological advancements.

New Venture

With an ambition to provide quality products and services we have also started supply of LCD modules, Stainless Steel Fasteners, Stickers, Labels and EPE Packing under the name of GVS Enterprises, a sister concern of GVS Electronics.