UPS & Inverters

Failure of electricity puts us in a perplexed condition and brings all work to a halt either at home or office. Inverter and UPS Systems for Lighting and Computer loads is a solution to such situations.

We supply UPS and Inverters to Homes, Offices and Industries of both types Online and Offline for all load capacities as per your requirements.

UPS Systems protect your valuable electrical and electronic items from overload, surge and errant power supply. Installing an UPS helps in uninterruptible production on the floors of small factories and offices alike. UPS for homes come in two variants which cater for lighting loads/computer loads, the difference being the time gap in switching from mains to UPS supply.

Order for an UPS for your Homes and Offices, we assure you of quick supply and good support.

New Product

USB based Foot Pedal
Foot Pedal with USB Port

We are proud to launch our newest USB based Foot Pedal, keeping in tune with technological advancements.

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