Membrane Keypads

Our Charter is to serve our customers and not to compete with them. Our Tactile Membrane Keypads are designed with our customer needs in mind. We can design and manufacturer all types of Membrane Keypads to your requirements and satisfaction.

Rigid and Flexible are the two major types of tactile membrane keypads on offer. Both these types use the same underlying tactile technology, to give the user a feel of the button being pressed.

Some of the advantages are:
Sleek and Compact, Low Contact Resistance, Superior Service, Long Life, Aesthetic and Colorful, Superior Quality, High Reliablity, Competitive Pricing.

Technical Specifications:
Contact Configuration – SPST-NO
Switching Voltage – 0.1 to 50VDC
Switching Current – 0.005 to 100mA
Overlay – Polycarbonate
Contact bounce – less than 10ms on make, less than 20ms on break
Trip force – 100 to 500g
Operating Temperature - -45degC to +100degC
Contact Life – more than 5,00,000 operations

New Product

USB based Foot Pedal
Foot Pedal with USB Port

We are proud to launch our newest USB based Foot Pedal, keeping in tune with technological advancements.

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