Foot Pedals

This is what you were waiting for!
Now you can easily transcribe your audio files on your PC with this simple and yet very efficient tool.

Medical, legal and business transcriptionist worldwide uses this very versatile device to control vital functions such as Play, Pause, Forward and Reverse during the process of transcriptions.

Our foot pedals are easy to use ergonomically designed that allow control and playback on any transcription software. They are made of hard alloy exterior with soft finish and comfortable on the foot with soft action switches that last long while you type along. They have a soft non-slip base which provides enough grip to stay put on any surface.

Our Foot Pedals are of Piano Type and Mushroom Type and are available for Serial Ports (9 pin), Game/Parallel Ports (15 pin) and USB Ports.

Our USB port Model is the newest introduction in the market and we hope to cater to a broader spectrum of customers. Drivers are provided with the foot pedal to enable hassle free installation and usage.

They are compatible with almost all transcription software and can work on PCs running on Windows Operating Systems.

Voice Splitter

An innovative product which gives 3 way audio outputs on stereo sockets for simultaneous use by multiple people. Simply plug in the splitter into the audio jack of your PC/laptop and route audio to three different speakers/headphones. It is very useful for transcriptionist who need support on the job and also for training purposes.

Amplifying Voice Splitter

An enhanced Audio Splitter with built in amplifier and volume control. In the field of transcription, audio levels may not be sufficient for users using a simple splitter. Additional amplification and boosting of audio signals would become necessary with volume control.

We offer this product with boost for audio signals and in built volume control. Simply plug this device into your PC/laptop and route audio to two different speakers/headphones.

This device is offered with an associated cable which can be connected to USB port of PC to draw power.

New Product

USB based Foot Pedal
Foot Pedal with USB Port

We are proud to launch our newest USB based Foot Pedal, keeping in tune with technological advancements.

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